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Benefits Provided at Fowler Electric

Health Care for You & Your Family

The company provides a major medical health insurance program with coverage for each eligible employee and their dependents. The company pays for the majority of the costs associated with the plan, and the employee will pay a small portion, to be deducted weekly. The cost to you, the employee, is shown below and is subject to change as circumstances warrant. Employees are eligible for this program ninety (90) days after employment (provided the enrollment card is promptly completed and returned). A detailed information book and identification card will be provided at the time coverage begins.


Continuation of Coverage

Employees are eligible for continuation of health insurance benefits in accordance with current state and federal laws upon termination from the company or other qualifying events. Please be sure to request the appropriate forms upon termination, divorce or other qualifying event.


Voluntary Additional Life Insurance

Ask the office for enrollment information.


Supplemental Dental Insurance

  • Major Reputable Insurance Companies
  • Critical Care, STD, Cancer Policies

Mandatory Employment Insurance

The company provides coverage for Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance and Social Security as required by current law.

Paid Time Off Program

  • One (1) to five (5) years of service 
    .77 hours per pay period (40 hours per year)


  • Six (6) to nine (9) years of service 
    1.54 hours per pay period (80 hours per year)


  • After ten (10) full years of service 
    2.31 hours per pay period (120 hours per year)

Training Programs

Employees are encouraged to participate in field related educational opportunities. Apprentices will be required to participate in a four (4) year training program. We provide a tuition assistance program for all qualified PRE-APPROVED programs as follows:

We will reimburse your tuition upon completion of training program (per semester for apprentices) in accordance with the grade you earn.

  • For an A - you will be reimbursed 100%
  • For a B - you will be reimbursed 80%
  • For a C - you will be reimbursed 70%

The company does not reimburse for textbooks or other materials.


Bonus Plan

After two (2) years of continuous service each employee will be eligible to receive a bonus at the end of each year. This bonus is discretionary based on the earnings each year. It is our desire to reward each employee for the success of the Company.


Retirement Plan

Each employee 18 years of age and up is eligible after 1 year of employment to participate in a 401K Retirement Plan (effective 1/1/2016) in accordance with current Laws and Regulations. The Company will contribute 3% as a minimum for each eligible employee (1 year of service). Investments are completely in the employee’s control (as allowed by current laws) and employee contributions and vested company contributions are transportable should you leave the Company.


Safety Reward Bonus


Uniforms at NO COST to the Employee

  • Flame Retardant Shirts
  • Pants and Winter Wear, Including Weekly Laundry Service